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Luxury Hotel in Naples

Naples and its luxury. Choose the best for your stay in Naples. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Naples offers excellent cuisine, history to be discovered, art and culture at your fingertips. You can enter into and experience the splendour of the Neapolitan Baroque style found in the monuments and in the buildings. There are numerous luxury hotels offering the experience of an unforgettable stay. The Art Resort Galleria Umberto, for example, is a hotel inside the famous Galleria Umberto, with a panoramic view and rooms furnished in authentic Baroque style, where the search for art and contemporaneity at the same time has given rise to a remarkable luxury location. 

Art Resort Galleria Umberto is a luxury 4-star hotel that offers you a stay, while allowing you to feel totally pampered in an intimate setting. It is in a convenient location for visiting the old town centre, from which it is easy to reach all the main monuments, and it is also near the most beautiful shopping streets. Worthy of note is the hotel's panoramic terrace where breakfast and the evening aperitif are served, the suite with a whirlpool bath in the room, the soundproofed rooms and the works of art that you will find hanging on the walls. 

A luxurious stay in Naples, a town waiting to be discovered. There are many ways and means of doing so. Just choose the one that best suits your taste: visit it on foot so that you can explore the most typical alleys, speak with the people, become inebriated by the colours and fragrances of cooking coming from the traditional shops, or enjoy the town by treating yourself to a private tour in a vintage car, or by sea to discover unique views of the Gulf of Naples. 

If you love good food, you will fall in love with Naples with its Mediterranean character and flavoursome and unique dishes. We are talking about luxury holidays in Naples: don't miss out on the famous pizza, strictly with tomato and strictly cooked in a wood-burning oven. A luxurious and unique experience for your palate.


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The Art Resort Galleria Umberto is located inside the elegant nineteenth-century commercial passage, near the town's major monuments. Book your stay now and don't miss out on our available offers.