Place of Interest

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    Castel dell'Ovo

    This castle, with its unmistakable shape, characterizes the view of the Gulf of Naples. It is the most ancient castle in the city and stands on the little island of Megaride, where the first group of inhabitants settled, founding Naples around the 7th century BC. The castle is located 1.4 km from the Hotel.

    Known as the Maschio Angioino, it is one of the symbols of the city of Naples. Its origins date back to the twelfth century, when it was built at the behest of Charles I of Anjou. The current forms are due to the intervention of Alfonso of Aragon, who in 1443 established his court. The castle is 500 m away from the Hotel.

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    Real Teatro of San Carlo

    The Teatro San Carlo opera house in Naples is still active and is the most ancient, famous and prestigious in Europe and in the world. It accommodates 1386 spectators and was founded in 1737. It looks out onto Via San Carlo and Piazza Trieste e Trento. It was the symbol of a town that forcefully emphasized its status as a major European capital. The San Carlo, with its royal stage and perfect acoustics, has witnessed the greatest artists, from Rossini and Verdi to Mazzini